As one of the best examples of University-Sector cooperation, Atılım University Logistics Simulation and Applied Training Center has been projected with Ankara Logistics Base via an "Institutional Cooperation Protocol" on September 2010 and has begun operation with a ceremony held on 3 February 2011.

In this center, our students are given practical lessons such as LOJ 218  Export and Logistics Simulations and LOJ 409  E-Business (Idlog software). Also, within LOJ 404 International Trade / Logistics Project course, students perform interviews with firms established on Base and prepare projects including recommendations for solutions to the problems they encounter in the sector.

As part of the field studies in LOJ 403 Quality and Standardization in Foreign Trade and LOJ 409 E-Business courses, the students accompanied by our instructor Ece Pişkinsüt Şengüler are introduced to firms, warehouses and customs on Base.

The center also helps our students make close contact with the sector. Most of our students are completing their compulsory internship in companies established on Base. Deputy Chairman of the Base, Hakan Bezginli also gives Logistics and Transportation Law lectures in our department.

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